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" CHINENG" intelligent automatic commercial kitchen equipment series products are a new commercial kitchen project invested and established by Guangdong Jiu Shang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019. The company has a team of more than 30 senior technical engineers and is equipped with intelligent industrial production equipment. A high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells intelligent commercial automatic cooking equipment.

After more than 20 years of experience in commercial kitchen service and the introduction and improvement of foreign technology, we have established a professional intelligent commercial kitchen software and hardware research and development center, which can customize various intelligent commercial kitchen projects and equipment according to users' actual conditions. At present, commercial fully automatic cooking Robots, automatic noodle cookers, automatic frying stoves, canteen rice cookers, universal steam ovens and other products are widely used in hotels, restaurants, chain restaurants, KTV entertainment clubs, central kitchens, corporate canteens, food processing plants, etc. With the behavior concept of "exploring the market, continuous innovation, and teamwork", the company continuously launches high-intelligence and high-quality products to save customers operating costs.

Over the years, we have been taking "integrity management, gratitude, efficient management, development and innovation, considerate service, and social responsibility" as our business philosophy, to be a professional service provider and leader of smart kitchens in China, and we are committed to making technology change the kitchen, Improve cooking efficiency, become a good helper for chefs. We help catering operators to save operating costs, and make the promotion of Chinese catering culture.

Service globalization

" CHINENG" brand commercial automatic commercial kitchen equipment is a brand of Guangdong Jiu Shang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of intelligent commercial automatic cooking equipment. Through the introduction and improvement of foreign technology, the existing products Chinese catering automatic cooking robot, college group meal automatic cooking machine, large automatic cooking machine for central kitchen, large automatic cooker, automatic lifting noodle cooker, automatic lifting frying Stoves, Automatic get meals machine, universal steam ovens and other products have been well received by customers.

Company Vision

Personalized customization
To meet the individual and differentiated needs of users, the products cover all the application equipment of German, American, and medium mainstream commercial kitchens. While meeting customer needs and providing personalized services to customers, it constantly improves Chineng’s own service system and Production organization system.

High-end route

Create efficient, fast and convenient high-quality consumer experience for customers with high quality, high performance and high service.

Industry leader

The CHINENG company uses its own influence to unite with commercial kitchen equipment suppliers across the country to rebuild a new network business platform that is mutually beneficial and win-win. The company expands the new concept of high-power induction cooker consumption to the greatest extent and creates a new benchmark in the industry.

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